Update 2! v0.8

Hello There!

This week we have released a huge update for you! We have reworked quite a lot of things from watching the gameplay of the nice people playing the game around the world (links below for videos to watch!).

Though we would prefer if you meet in real life, we understand if distance and time might make it hard to find time to play our game, therefore we at Hello There Games can recommend using https://parsecgaming.com/ to play our game without a single screen OR couch to sit on, now you can enjoy our game over the great World Wide Web. :)

Back to patch-notes!

New ability: Pull!
Well, its not 100% new, this was added for race in the last patch, but we gave it its own dedicated button now: X on Xbox controllers and Square on PlayStation controllers.
But just press the button and you will pull other players and even some blocks towards you!

We noticed that players often didn't play the recommended game modes first (survival and capture the crown), so we made a progression arc to direct your first experiences a bit more.
Along with this we changed which levels show up in which game modes, some just plainly didn't work, to the chopping block they went!

Score screen and rounds!
Score screen now show how many rounds you have won and how many rounds you need to win the map.
A big (silent) feedback were that people didn't finish the map until someone won, so we both lowered the rounds needed and display it more clearly now. Not only that, we added a funky song if someone manages to snatch the win! ;)
For capture the crown we also lowered the time needed to win, from 30 down to 20 seconds and the reset time if you drop it is also reduced from 5 to 4 seconds. Its shorter and more frantic now, but you can also use your new pull skill to take the crown from other players easier.

Racing overhaul!
Added a new race level: Carnobyl Race, with more advanced terrain and obstacles to consider.

Racing have always been a bit hard for us to get working, there have always been a big advantage of being in the first place, so we added a few more rules to make catching up easier:
First place: Cannot boost
Second place: Regular rules
Third and Fourth place: No cool-down time after boosting for energy regen to kick in.
Along with these rule changes we increased the power of the boost to give it a bigger impact when you have it available.

Destruction overhaul!
Destruction have gotten a bit of a rework, with more obvious feedback on what you should do and some much needed sounds. Instead of just pushing blocks around, you now change the blocks to coins to pick up. Not only that, we now reload the level after each round to reset the playing field.

Overall changes:
Blocks always disappear in Trash Basin.
Fixed a bug that made pushing and pulling abilities break in some levels. Made it harder to accidentally quit the game

Plain list changelog:
New ability: pull
Progression and unlock
Reworked levels for game modes
Reworked Score screen and Win screen
Fewer rounds
Shorter capture the crown rounds
New race level: Carnobyl Race
New race rules
Stronger boost
Reworked destruction to collect coins from destroyed buildings
Reset destruction levels between rounds
Blocks always disappear in Trash Basin.
Fixed a bug that made pushing and pulling abilities break in some levels. Made it harder to accidentally quit the game

A special thanks to these YouTubers who have uploaded videos of them playing Carbage!:

2 Left Thumbs:

The Donkeypits:

And an extra thanks to ChemicalPrincess who streamed it: https://www.twitch.tv/chemicalprincess


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Version 0.8 Aug 19, 2019


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