Update 1

Some say; don't launch on a friday.

We say: but we just want to get this update out, before our vacation! So here it is! The first update for Carbage! It includes:

  • New positioning graphics as seen in below image. It's much easier to see where exactly the players are.
  • New pull mechanic on race. Instead of pushing, race needed pulling.
  • New stage for "Cap the crown": Spaceship dock.
  • Tweaks: We changed jumping and pushing to be more predictable.
  • Bugfixes: Menu could disappear going back from settings somehow.

We also want to thank all the streamers that played Carbage after the release! We watched your streams and took notes.
Have a great summer! See you in 4 weeks.



carbage-windows-beta.zip 110 MB
Version 0.7 Jul 05, 2019


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